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Carbon peeling in India and what to expect

Carbon peeling is a treatment that uses carbon to remove the top layer of skin. It involves the use of a carbon solution and a small rotating head which is used to push the carbon solution into the skin. It is used to treat wrinkles and pigmentation.

Carbon Peeling is a new trend in the beauty world but many people are wondering what is it and why would you do it? Is carbon peeling safe ?

  • This new, non-invasive procedure is a type of chemical peel and, like all other peels, it works by exfoliating the skin.
  • Carbon peeling is particularly beneficial and importantly for people who want to reduce the appearance of scars and skin imperfections.
carbon peeling treatment in jaipur

 Detailed description of carbon peeling treatment

  • Carbon peeling treatment in jaipur by Dr. Vishal Chugh is a chemical peel that can be used to treat acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, or wrinkles.
  • The chemical, trichloroacetic acid, breaks down the skin’s upper layers to form a new, smooth layer of skin.
  • Carbon peeling is a variant of chemical peeling that uses carbon dioxide and UV light in a vacuum chamber to treat acne scars.
  • This process treats the skin’s top layers using light and carbon dioxide to create a new layer of skin.
carbon peeling treatment in jaipur

 How carbon peeling helps?

Laser carbon peels are used to treat:

  • acne
  • pimple pigmentation
  • acne scarring
  • enlarged and clogged pores
  • melasma
  • photoaging
  • fine lines and wrinkles

Chemical peels also treat these skin conditions, but here are some of the main differences between the two:

  • laser carbon peels use heat instead of chemicals for results
  • laser carbon peels require no down time
  • people with sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema will usually experience less redness and irritation after a carbon peel than from a chemical peel
carbon peeling treatment in jaipur

 Common carbon peeling side effects.

The Carbon Peeling treatment is a gentle, however extremely effective method of removing blemishes, aging, and dead skin cells. You will notice a positive difference in your skin right away.

One noticeable side effect might be some redness. This side effect will disappear within the first 48 hours after your treatment.

How much time will my laser carbon peel procedure involve aftercare?

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts regarding laser carbon peel:


  1. Keep it moisturized after your peel to make sure the skin on your face stays supple!
  2. It’s normal to experience some flaking or dryness for a few days.
  3. Use sunscreen regularly and preferably every day for several days after treatment.
  4. Do not use any skin care products that contain retinol for at least five days after you’ve undergone a chemical peel.
  5. If you have oily skin, use acne-fighting products to maintain optimum results.


 Carbon peeling is a safe, natural and effective solution to skin issues.

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