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Chemical peeling treatment in jaipur

Get all the facts related to chemical peeling treatment in jaipur

To improve your skin appearance, chemical peels are the best treatment. A chemical solution is put on your skin which is kept for some time and afterwards the peel gets removed. The skin which you get afterwards is quite new and smooth. The new skin which you get after this therapy is wrinkle less as compared to the old skin. Chemical peeling treatment in Jaipur is the best place where you can explore your skin effectively.

Parts on which chemical peeling is to be done

The main motto of you is to look brighter and with this treatment you will get smoother and shiner look. Chemical peeling treatment in Jaipur is done on the neck, face and hands. As they are areas where chemical peeling is done easily and you will get the utmost result. One can also reduce the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth by using these treatment.

Chemical peeling treatment in jaipur

How the treatment works?

  1. One can easily treat wrinkles which are caused by the harmful rays of the sun under your eyes.
  2. Your scars can be improved gracefully by this treatment.
  3. One can easily treat many type of acne.
  4. With this treatment, one can easily reduce age spots, dark patches and freckles.
  5. You can easily glorify your skin and look.
  6. Areas which were damaged by the sun can be easily treated by the treatment.

What to do before the treatment?

While going for chemical peeling treatment you have to move to your regular checkup. As if you are suffering from cold or any problem, doctor will give you advice according to that. You all need to go for medication before taking this treatment.  It depends on your skin and to your body how it will manage to take this treatment. Chemical Peeling treatment in Jaipur is done in surgery center or in hospital. You have to not stay for overnight as it is outpatient procedure.

Products and acids used for the chemical peels

Firstly the doctor will clean your skin and afterward a chemical solution is applied on that part which is affected. Basically the tri chloroacetic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, carbolic acid, salicyclic acid is applied on the affected areas. Here the acids which are applied give you new skin. If you feel any burning sensation during your treatment, then it will just last for five to ten minutes which is followed by stinging sensation. But on putting ice or cold compress it gets normal soon. And finally when you see your skin recovery, all your pain goes in one go. For more information regarding chemical peeling treatment in jaipur, consult Dr Vishal Chugh (Radiant skin clinic). To book an appointment, call on 07062161000 or visit at radiantskinclinic.in

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