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Which treatment is best: Hair transplant surgery or PRP therapy?

Hair Confusion! How to get back your original hair? How your baldness be stopped? Which method is best for my hairs to grow? In this section, we will discuss about the two beneficial therapies given to the person who is suffering from the problem of hair loss. It is hair transplant surgery and PRP hair treatment. Also we will compare between them and suggest you which treatment is best and why.

What people feel about the hair?

Some person feel that they got remarkable result by the hair transplant surgery, while the other feel it is not so much considerable. They prefer PRP or platelet rich plasma to regain their hair. It is a new technique performed without the use of surgery but the result is shown only to those who follow the doctor’s prescription strictly. Surely they will get back their restored hair.

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About hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant is a modern technique for the person who experience the hair loss. It is the method in which the person obtain its loss hair. It restores the growth of your hair. It is a surgical method. It is noticed that many time a person is having lot of hair at back and sideways, but front part is bald. The physician will remove the hair roots from either back or from sideways and place it on the front part or the part which needs hair. In this way, the roots of your hair get placed to the area which needs treatment. If you follow your physician advice properly and work according to that then sooner the hair start growing at that area where surgery is to be done. If you have not sufficient hair for the treatment then the donor’s hair is uprooted on your head.

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About PRP therapy

PRP therapy is also a hair restoration process and is a modern technique. It is a non-surgical process. Most of the person prefer Platelet Rich Plasma therapy because of the following reasons. From the patient’s body, blood is drawn out and by the centrifuge, the bloods get concentrated. The physician fills the platelet with the concentrated plasma and circulate it to that portion or area which need the plasma. The procedure is done so nicely that one don’t feel it is done so. There is no pain while doing this treatment. In PRP therapy, you will surely get benefit. But when you will follow all the advice and prescription of your doctor. Otherwise it is wasteful. Initially you will get the result but later you will face different issues. So follow your physician deeply. It is natural hair restoration technique given to the patients who does not believe in surgical method. So for such kind of people PRP treatment for hair loss is mentioned. It includes many sections and sittings. It is ideal for the thinning hair.

Which is best between the two?

Both treatment are beneficial to restore your hair. Only the method and technique is different. One is surgical method and other is non-surgical method. If you are having significant balding then prefer for hair transplantation, for this PRP therapy is not effective. Female patients always wish to have long and dark hair and for them PRP injection is right option to encourage hair growth.

So between Hair transplant and PRP therapy, the treatment that is best is based on your scalp and skin. Also it is based on your hair’s situation.

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Dr Vishal Chugh is one of the best dermatologist and expert in treatment of hair transplant and PRP therapy in Jaipur. He will determine you which procedure is best. He will examine your body and hair and recommend you according to that. He will give their consultation not only examine you but also on the behalf of their experiences. He will also tell you why your hair is losing and how you will regain it back. Also he will guide you at each step and understand you why the following treatment is best for you. For queries or information, feel free to give us a call on 706216100 at Radiant Skin Clinic or visit our website radiantskinclinic.in



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