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Hair Transplant Surgeon

Hair transplant is the process to restore your hairs on the scalp to avoid baldness. The process is given to the patient when the growth of the hair stopped or no new hair comes on the affected part. Hairs are the first stage of your body which looks you more attractive and younger than your actual age. Hair losing means that you are somewhere inferior to the one who has beautiful hair. But now the problem is sorted out. With the aid of best hair transplant surgeon in jaipur , one can easily get the hair on the affected part. In Jaipur, Radiant Skin Clinic is the certified clinic where you can easily go and treat for your hair transplant. Basically, what is hair transplant treatment? How it can be treated? Well, it is safe or not is the other question that comes in your mind.

How does the hair transplant procedure work?

The procedure begins when new artificial hairs are added on the scalp. If you are facing hair thinning then opting for hair transplant treatment is the best. There are many procedures and surgery for best hair transplant surgeon in jaipur , some of them are tissue expansion, flap surgery, surgery for reduction of the scalp, and many more. We all have different scalps and for your skin, you need a dermatologist that assigns you according to your scalp.

Know some basic terminologies of hair transplant:

Flap surgery:

In the following treatment, the tissues which bear hair to the scalp move to the bald or affected areas. The work of the hair-bearing tissue is simple as it automatically helps to increase your scalp hairs. Soon, it will expand the hairs on your scalp. The treatment is given to all the areas which are highly affected and where you want to get more hairs. The doctor prescribes according to your scalp and skin so that hairs are added to your scalp easily.

Why it is safe?

Do some have misconceptions about whether the whole treatment is painful or not? It is not a painful process as proper procedure is undertaken by the doctor before it. You are approximately safe as high care is to be taken before the treatment. It can be done for the permanent course. But you can repeat two to three times if you want.  The methods which are opted by the doctor for the hair transplant treatment in Jaipur, are as follows:

The very first method used by the surgeons is follicular unit transplantation. It is a time-consuming process in which the follicles of the hair are taken out from the back. More patients prefer this method as if you are working then you can’t give much time to a doctor and you need much time as usual.

The second method which is highly used by the professionals is follicular unit extraction. It takes less time and also it is cost-efficient.  If you are not a native citizen of Jaipur, then the following treatment is highly recommended as it takes less time. Also if you are sticky to your pocket, then the following treatment is the best.

How much it cost?

The treatment is expensive or cheap, it all depends on the clinic and the place from which you are taking the following treatment. Radiant skin clinic is one of the best places for hair transplant treatment in Jaipur. At this place, you can take the treatment at affordable prices with effective aftercare services. Dr. Vishal Chugh is highly concern with the health of patients. With the highly efficient skills of surgeon and training, one can easily adapt the effective treatment. Cost mainly depends on the equipment and the surgery which are you are opting for your treatment.


Before and after results of Radiant skin clinic:

All we want is the result which we need for our hair transplant treatment. Here are a few of the before and after images of the patients who are very happy with the services providing by the hair transplant treatment at Radiant skin Clinic.

 Why choosing the Radiant Skin Clinic for hair transplant treatment?

  • 11+ years of excellent experience
  • Modern infrastructure
  • 10000+ happy patients
  • Treatments based on the efficient and latest technology
  • Trusted and best hair transplant treatment

About Dr. Vishal Chugh

Dr. Vishal Chugh is the eminent dermatologist in Jaipur giving their services for skin, hair, and nail treatment. He has the best experience for more than 11 years in a particular field. If you are planning to take a hair transplant treatment in Jaipur, then no doubt, Radiant skin clinic is the best place in Jaipur for the treatment of hair transplantation. For more information, consult your problem with contact no. 07062161000 or mail id: radiantskinclinicjpr@gmail.com at the radiant skin clinic


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