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Does Dandruff cause Hairfall

7 tips that you should know to prevent from hair fall

Are you worried about your dandruff problem? Does dandruff cause hair fall? How can you get out of this problem? What are the solutions that you need to sort out the problem permanently?

You all know about dandruff. Dandruff is a common problem and we all have interacted with it in one way or another. If you are worrying that dandruff might cause or be the reason for hair fall. Dandruff is not the reason for your hair fall. But continuous and long time problem of dandruff might cause a hair fall. It becomes severe when you do not take any treatment regarding it. Do you always think about the query that does dandruff cause hair fall? If you are thinking that the only cause of hair fall is dandruff then you are not right at all. As many reasons are responsible for your hair fall. So it is treated immediately and also with proper means.

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What is dandruff?

Dandruff is the white flakes that fall on your shoulder destroying your scalp. Directly, dandruff is not responsible for hair fall. The itching which is caused by dandruff is responsible for hair follicles. So we can say that dandruff is not directly responsible for hair fall but long-term problems can cause the problem of hair fall. Severe dandruff can uproot your hair and hampers the growth of hair. The conditions seems normal when only 20 to 50 strands of hair loss in a day but becomes major when excessive hair falls in a day.

Causes of hair fall:-

Heredity is the major reason of hair fall. It is the fact of your genes problem.

  • Dandruff is another reason of hair fall as it makes your scalp dry. It stops the growth of your hair and damaging it badly. Firstly it decreases the length of hair volume and then finally stops it grow.
  • Climatic conditions and atmospheric issues are other factors of your hair fall.
  • If you are not taking care of hair like giving it heat for a long time, using shampoos and treatment that can destroy the scalp be the other reasons for your hair fall.

Hence it might be quite clear to you does dandruff cause hair fall.

The harmful effect of dandruff:-

There are many problems which are caused due to dandruff. One of the major problems of dandruff is hair follicles. Also, it can make your hair thin that ultimately stops the growth of hair. There are also major problems which can be because of the hair fall. The problem of dandruff can cause androgenetic alopecia which can cause complete baldness in males.

Now you will come to know about the problems which can be caused by hair fall but do you want its prevention. Then in the below section, you might come to know about the steps and methods that you should know to stop the problem of hair fall.  Why dermatologist is needed for your entire treatment of hair fall. It is advised that without taking the consultation from a dermatologist you should not take any pills and drugs. It might be harmful to your health.

Methods to prevent hair fall

  • It is very necessary to take good sleep and for that one should have suitable timing of sleep.
  • Washing hair regularly can hamper the growth of your hair. So wash them three to four times in a week or you can skip the day to remove dust particles.
  • Use mild shampoos and conditioners that can fit according to your scalp.
  • Drink Amla juice, it is the major factor that helps to increase the growth of the hair and make them black and shiner.
  • Massage them with oil. For that, you can use coconut oil, mustard oil, olive oil but it should be pure.
  • Eat a balanced diet that contains a large number of proteins as protein in food is responsible to make keratin for your hair.
  • Eat a lot of water and green vegetables that keep your body and hair healthy.

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Consult doctor

A dermatologist is a doctor that gives full description related to dandruff and its cause. Dr. Vishal Chugh is a renowned dermatologist who suggests the problems of hair fall and advised you according to that. For more information, you can visit the website: radiantskinclinic.in or call at 70621-61000.

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