Benefits of Naturally Medicated Oregano Oil

Hidden Medical Oil

The medical science has developed ten folds in the past era. Numerous auspicious medicines and treatments of deadly diseases have been developed. But, sometimes our little medical problems can be easily treated with the help of some common ingredients. Such as Dr. Vishal Chugh has figured out the numerous unknown medicinal properties of the oregano oil.

Well, guys, here we are not talking about the common oregano oil that you find in the nearest supermarket. We are talking about the very finely extracted oregano oil from the fertile harvest of Europe. The pure and undiluted oregano oil is very hard to find and bit expensive also. But, the one tiny droplet of oil can treat our skin and hair related problems very effectively.

As it has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiparasitic, anti-allergenic, emmenagogue and even digestive properties. This is a truly amazing and that’s why Dr. Chugh highly recommends utilization of oregano oil to his patients. You can also try oregano oil, of course after consulting your dermatologist first.

#Oregano’s Magic on Your Skin

  1. Healer of Skin

The essential oil has the collection of different antifungal and antiviral features. That’s why it can treat plenty of skin disorders. As the presence of carvacrol compound makes the oregano oil super healer. It can treat skin rashes, pimples, cold sores, and infections. Simply apply the 2-3 drops of essential oil on the affected area and the healing properties of oil will rescue your skin.

  1. Great Age Controller

Well, early visibility of anti-aging signs is the very major problem among the today’s generation. So, we try all the hideous products in the name of the best age controller. But, not a single product shows the satisfying result, so in that case, the essential oil can do wonders. As regular massage of oregano oil on your face can demolish all the signs of aging.

  1. Superb Infection Treater

Well, due to the antibacterial properties, oregano essential oil can help in destroying candida as well as other unknown harmful germs and bacteria that cause skin infections. So, just mix oil with the carrier oil and gently apply to the infected area. And, within few days you will see all your skin infection gone.

#Essential Oil For Hairs

  1. Dandruff Killer

Okay, the dandruff might seems a very simple problem, but truly asks the dandruff infected person its pain. These sticky white flakes are very hard to get rid of. But, few drops of oregano essential oil with your regular oil can vanish dandruff easily. The antibacterial properties of oil can help in removing the particles of dandruff your scalp and prevent from the redevelopment of them.

  1. Growth of Hairs

The regular massage with the oregano essential oil can provide nourishment to your dying hairs. The oil strengthens the roots of the hairs which eventually lead to less hair fall. And, results in long wavy hairs. This simple treatment can benefits you more than any expensive hair products. Moreover, a combination of essential oil with jojoba oil can be highly useful for your split ends.

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